Whirlpool Glass Stove Top Replacement That You Can Practice

whirlpool glass top stove replacement knobs

Can I Whirlpool Glass Stove Top Replacement?

whirlpool oven glass top replacement

Whirlpool Glass Stove Top Replacement – Whirlpool electric ranges come with elements or coil burners. Which are visible underneath their glass cooktop. Certainly, the glass covering the elements will give a cleaner look. And also provides the smoothest work surface, which is simple to wash. But, if you drop heavy objects onto the glass. Or drag a material that isn’t yours over it, Consequently, the glass may be scratched or damaged or even completely shattered.

Whirlpool Glass Stove Top Replacement Options

In the event that your glass’s surface has been damaged. You’ll need repair it prior to returning to using the range. The glass surface is designed to allow simple removal with just the use of a screwdriver. Even though you can employ an expert to take away the previous glass top and then install a brand new one and replace the surface yourself, doing it yourself can save both time and cost. Therefore, try to do it yourself.

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Ordering the Glass Top

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There are a variety of sites selling appliance parts that sell glass stovetop panels specifically designed to be used on Whirlpool ranges. Some of these include Repair Clinic, Part Select and Sears Parts Direct. Before you purchase for the panel you want, you must know the model of your Whirlpool model to ensure you purchase the right panel. Because if you get the wrong buy. As a result, you may be dissatisfied. The model number is found on a label that includes an serial number. The sticker is usually found on the oven’s door jamb or the cabinet on the back or side in the oven.

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Removing the Old Glass Stovetop

Before you can remove the stovetop made of glass first, disconnect it from the outlet on the wall. After that, open the oven’s door and take out the screws beneath the front of the glass stovetop . In other words, these screws attach the panel to the cabinet. The glass top should be lifted up and then let a person keep it in a raised position. While you take out the screws holding the brackets for the burners to the side of the glass. After you’ve removed the burners then lift the glass upwards and take it off the range.

whirlpool glass top stove replacement knobs

Installing the New Glass

Firstly, slide tabs on the back of the stovetop made of glass into the slots of the control housing. And then let a person else hold the glass panel. Secondly, install your heating element , aligning brackets for the burners with the back of the panel before installing the screws. After that, complete the repair by lowering the glass panel. And then attaching that it onto the cabinets by using the screws you took out earlier.

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