Shower Tile Alternatives For Your Best Choices

Shower Tile Alternatives

Shower Tile Alternatives

Shower Tile Alternatives One of the Most Important Part

Shower Tile Alternatives – It’s possible that you don’t know. But the contemporary design of shower we have is only around since the beginning of the century. The truth is bathrooms and shower wall surfaces are from the past, dating back to Greece as well as Rome.

Where are these ceramic shower options that you’ll be proud to display to your friends and family? What are the shower tile alternatives that endure the test of time. Look stunning and will not (literally) cause you to your knees cleaning (and becoming the slave of your house)?

If you’re currently renovating or re-modeling your bathroom, you’ve thought about the ideal shower wall options and shower tile options. The variety of options for shower walls today can reflect any bathroom style from the traditional to the extravagant. The choice of wall materials for your shower affect the style and look you desire for your bathroom.

Find out more about what to consider from a variety of commonly. Used solid wall materials as well as options for bathroom tiles you’ve always wanted.

What kinds of tiles are there?

Each tile is unique and has distinct characteristics and advantages. That make it a good choice to consider using it in the bathroom layout. Modern tile materials such as stone and glass aren’t just suitable as wall coverings but also as a design element. If you’re looking to save money for your home, ceramic tiles are the ideal option.

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Ceramic For Shower Tile Alternatives

The most popular kind that of floor tile is ceramic. It comes with all the attributes needed for a durable and strong tile. It is able to create a contemporary stylish, elegant design that is ideal for renovators with a tight budget. It’s suitable for floor and wall tiles, and is commonly used creating seamless patterns. Ceramic tiles are available as unglazed and glazed varieties. Choose matte or unglazed tiles to add texture or as a design element. While glossy or glazed tiles offer greater protection and simple cleaning.


Similar to ceramic tiling the sense that it has an additional degree of refinement and class. Since porcelain is an amalgamation of finer clay that is tougher, more robust surface that is resistant to stains and scratches. It absorbs less water that ceramic tiles. It is more expensive to make porcelain tiles, so it is inevitable that you will need to be accounted for in your budget, however you may save money in the future due to its long-term endurance.


It’s commonly used to create colourful mosaics (backsplashes) and gives an air of lightness to the bathroom. It’s a clean material and is easily cleaned with clean water and soap as well as glass cleaner. Glass tiles also have the advantage of being environmentally friendly and many are constructed from recycled glass. Installation is a bit tricky and requires the assistance of a professional.


You can pick from various stones however, remember that, even though they look great, they require extra consideration and care. Limestone is stunning to touch and look at and creates the perfect rustic style. It requires proper sealing because it’s a porous substance. Granite, while more affordable than other tile types but has a very bulky appearance and is difficult to put in if you’re doing it yourself.

What are the reasons to look for another option? 

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If you are short on time or have budgetary limitations, you should consider other flooring and tiles to use in your bathroom. Pick the right option and you can save time for installation. The choice of a less expensive option could permit you to include additional design elements that you could not have been able to afford if you chose the tile. Tiles are all susceptible to chipping and cracking and chipping, so you might want something that lasts for a long time.

Perhaps you’re tired of having to clean grout. It’s one of the main reasons people opt for a different method to tile. It’s not just that grouting requires regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of mold and fungus, but it also can result in water getting inside the wall, creating an entirely new issue.

1. PVC Shower and wall paneling for bathrooms

Perhaps you love, love the look of marble, granite, or Travertine but are out of your budget. You’d like that “champagne-like” look however, when you look at your budget for beer, that it’s not in the budget for you.

There’s a better option that’s easy to put in it gives you the upscale look , and comes with the shower pan that matches in addition.

The choice is one-quarter ” wide and thick PVC Shower wall panels. Digitally designed PVC panels are attached to green boards that are resistant to moisture. They are available in more than 20 marble granite, travertine and marble designs. There’s a broad selection of options for accessories (including niches windows, window trim kits and benches). You can also get the shower pan that matches – in case the look of’matchy-matchy’ feels comfortable for you.

2. Acrylic panels For Shower Tile Alternatives

Simply said, acrylic panels possess the appearance and feel of tiles but with no mold, moisture, or cracking issues. It is a completely waterproof and non-porous material It can be used to cover a complete wall or for decorative wall accents.

Acrylic is among the most cost-effective options for your bathroom. It is less expensive and has fewer issues than tile, it will provide the appearance and performance you’re looking for at less than the price. It’s very resistant to staining, is extremely durable and is resistant to chipping or scratching. Additionally, it’s simple to clean by using the help of a soft fabric and hot water.

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Some acrylic panels are constructed as individual pieces, meaning that you have to be concerned about preventing moisture from getting into your system and sealing the seams. The best option is to select the best seamless, watertight panel.

There is no need to worry about filthy grout and water-damaged to the walls. Acrylic panels can be customized and made to match the measurements of the bathroom. It is ideal for renovations of complete magnitude or for freshening up the walls you have already put up and floors, it can also be installed on upper part of the surface you have already installed.

If you’re looking for an bathroom wall that can last for years the first option should be seamless panels. A lower risk of leaky seams and corners will mean less chance of the growth of mold or water damage behind or on the panels.

3. Shower as well as bathroom wall panels

In the beginning I’ll let you know that the high-gloss acrylic shower panels are not the same as low-cost’shower-in a-day acrylic systems used by a variety of local home improvement firms.

These panels aren’t inexpensive. As a matter of fact, I’ll explain it plainly and say that they’re expensive. They’re typically 2 times as costly as PVC and laminate. PVC systems previously mentioned. But they’re optical grade and transparent-front panels with colored backs are extremely stylish, particularly when a modern, clean glossy look is your style.

You can choose between eye-catching reds, calm blues or sea-greens (or the other six options) the outcome will be walls in the bathroom that will draw the attention of everyone.

The five-inch” high panels weigh about 5/32 inches and are fixed to a green, water resistant board. While you aren’t able to find a base that matches these panels, you could utilize them with a solid-surface shower floor tile alternatives, which is a solid option (yes there’s a pun in the title).

4. Marble Shower Tile Alternatives

The timeless and sophisticated look of marble is never going out of style. It is a timeless material that has distinct style and appearance, there are no two pieces that appear alike It is also extremely sturdy and can endure repeated damage. If it is maintained and taken care of appropriately, marble can last for years and is 100% non-moldy.

As beautiful as it is marble does have its negatives. One of them is the price. It’s quite costly as it’s a scarce material, it may be difficult to locate. Marble must be sealed on a regular basis because it is prone to staining by acidic materials. It’s also extremely heavy, thus may not be suitable to bathroom remodels.

5. Vinyl click

A product that is growing quickly are the 25 five-eighths” wide x 14″ high-quality vinyl click-together tiles. They’re available in seven stone tile designs and are easy for DIY’ers to install. These quarter ” thick tiles that connect with sealant, and then are glued to a the green, water-resistant board. They are also among the lowest among these nine options.

They’re not ideal for bathrooms because you’ll need around 36 tiles for the standard 60″ x 32″ x 96″ shower. There are joints horizontally and vertically. What I am concerned about with this method is those horizontal joints. If one of these tiles isn’t centered, water may get behind the wall and cause leakage to the flooring below. The system also has the 10-year guarantee, which is shorter than. laminate and PVC or laminate panel I mentioned earlier that have lifetime warranties.

6. Metal panel made from stainless steel

You may have seen one of the’super-cute’ (as one of my office employees used to refer to it) images of Pinterest of a modest or factory-built home that has an tin barn wall that doubles as shower wall panels and you thought, “How fun is that? “

You may even dream of the possibility of a stainless steel or copper shower, but don’t think it is even possible.

We’re here to inform you that shower walls made of metal are possible and being built (albeit in tiny quantities) for shower cubicle tile alternatives at home currently. They look interesting, fascinating and distinctive. However, as of yet, they’ve not gotten much ground in the Shower Tile Alternatives. This is the reason.

Stainless steel can be found in all areas of the modern house. It’s also utilized in bathrooms as a sleek modern, contemporary and sleek substitute for tiles. It’s a light material that’s simple to cut and form to any size stainless steel can be used as a Shower Tile Alternatives enclosure or an accent wall.

Resistant to a range of chemicals, it requires minimal maintenance, but stainless steel comes with its own disadvantages. Seams should be caulked using silicone to prevent the spread of mold and prevent it from growing within and around the panels.

7. Shower with back painted

If you’re looking to have control over your bathroom’s design allow your creative creativity flow through the new series of bathroom-friendly wall paints. With the proper application you can apply nearly every paint you want to apply to your bathroom wall. Be sure to get paints that are mold or mildew resistant with antifungal ingredients.

The tempered glass panels are made of special paint (which sticks to glass). It is possible to apply a personalized image to the inside to create a unique design. The bathroom will be brighter with a pop of color. You can only be limited by Sherwin Williams, or Benjamin Moore color wheels (can you say nearly unlimited possibilities? ).

The panel should be predrilled to accommodate your showerhead and the valve as well as any other penetrating holes you require for wall niches (penetration is an obscure construction term I used to make it sound like you’d think I’m clever. Does it work?). They’re stylish as they are, but they’re not cheap. The cost is comparable with granite, marble and travertine wall slabs discussed in the alternative

8. Natural stone Shower Cubicle Tile Alternatives

Stone is among the most durable and gorgeous materials for the bathroom. It’s the only material that appears better with the passing of time. The weathered look of stone is beautiful to behold and also a wonderful thing to touch.It’s somewhat porous and is able to take soap and minerals out of the water, therefore it should be maintained and sealed regularly. Like many unique materials, stone is considerably more expensive than the other options and because of its weight, might not be suitable for certain bathrooms. Installing stone requires professionals, skilled skills.

Which tile option should you choose?

When it comes to selecting the best Shower Tile Alternatives for your bathroom, you’ll have to take into consideration several things. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material and design, but also the amount of space you’ll are working with in your bathroom, whether you are able to make do with the existing style or need the complete overhaul and (and most importantly) the budget you have set.

If you are using certain products, you should be prepared for regular maintenance as well as potentially costly repairs. Mildew, mold, as well as water damages are typical when seams aren’t properly sealed. Perhaps it’s better to seal seams completely?

There is no definitive solution to the question of what shower wall material is the best choice suitable for the bathroom you’re planning to remodel. Whatever you choose ensure you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each one. A little bit of study will ensure that you don’t have to pick next time around in a couple of years in the future.

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