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Nectar Lush Mattress Review – The original Nectar mattress is a super-comfortable memory foam mattress that most people have heard about. It is also one my personal favorites.

The company recently released the Nectar Lush, a luxurious option for a mattress. It features higher quality components, such as the cooling Phase Change Material technology. After spending so much time with the original Nectar I was curious to see how the Nectar would perform!

Nectar Lush is a great mattress for anyone looking to have deeper, more restful sleep. The memory foam mattress feels cool and lasts longer than traditional foam mattresses. With every purchase, you get a lifetime warranty and a year-long trial of the memory foam mattress.

Let’s get to the point and see how the Nectar Lush compares – continue reading for my complete Nectar Lush mattress review.

Nectar Lush Mattress Review Firmness and Feel

Nectar Lush Mattress Review reddit

We always review every mattress’s firmness and feel when writing reviews. Are you looking for the perfect mattress? Continue reading to learn more!

How Firm Is the Nectar Lush?

The Nectar Lush is close to 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. It feels about medium-firm. The Nectar combines these three layers to provide a great balance between comfort and support.

Sleeping on the Nectar Lush

The Nectar Lush is great for back sleep. I can sink into the mattress and feel it take on my body. The transition layer prevents the mattress from sinking too deeply and provides decent lumbar support.

Nectar Lush provides enough pressure relief for my hips and shoulders. The memory foam is 3 inches thick, so I can sink in without feeling like I’m sinking. This comfort layer is too thick for stomach sleeping so I don’t get enough support.

How does the Nectar Lush feel?

This mattress has a classic memory foam feel, but with a little more response. The mattress’ top memory foam layer provides a slow-moving feel. However, the Energex transition layer ensures that the mattress is not stuck to the body.

Average Weight Sleepers: 130lbs – 220lbs

It is important that people consider their size and weight when shopping for a mattress. This will impact how firm or soft the mattress feels to them, and how supportive they get.

Back sleepers of average weight should find adequate support. The top layer of memory foam contours the body while the transition layer supports the lower back.

Side sleepers of average weight will also love the Nectar Lush. Side sleepers won’t experience joint pain due to the 3″ memory foam layer.

This mattress is not the best choice for stomach sleepers of average weight. The medium firmness of the Nectar Lush makes it uncomfortable in this position. These people will need something firmer like a mattress for stomach sleepers.

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Nectar Lush Mattress Construction

Nectar Lush Mattress Review

Let’s now examine the Nectar Lush’s structure and find out what’s in each layer.


The Nectar Lush has a breathable cover that is made from high-quality fibers. The mattress feels cool and comfortable due to its breathable cover.

Comfort Layer

The top layer of memory foam is 3 inches thick and contains Phase Change Material. This layer is intended to keep the mattress cool all night. Nectar Lush’s top is soft and has the same slow-moving feel as many memory foam mattresses.

Support Layers

The 2″ Energex foam transition layer is next. This keeps sleepers from sinking into the mattress too deeply and from getting stuck. Energex foam, which is firmer than the memory foam comfort layer and has a greater responsiveness, will allow sleepers to switch sleeping positions more easily.

Below this is a layer of standard supportive polyfoam.

How long can the Nectar Lush mattress stay good?

The NectarLush mattress is made with more durable materials than the original Nectar mattress. It should last between five and six year. It all depends on how heavy the owners are and how often they use the Nectar Mattress. You can also get this mattress on well-known sites such as amazon, ikea, reddit and so on.

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